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Kathleen is preparing to launch a new series in e-book format, "Legends of the Divine Feminine", a unique hybrid of fiction and non-fiction exploration into stories from around the world, featuring extraordinary female characters.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Glories of Autumn

It is the fall of the year, my favorite of the seasons.  There is something so deep and mysterious, magical and sensual held within the promise of the warm autumn winds that are blowing through Southern California as I type this.  Winds of change bring whispers of a new world.  This year has held sweeping changes for almost everyone I know as we are being pushed to move into new directions, to find our way into our truest path, to step in to our destiny.  We are being asked to be ALL IN for the life that we signed up for, to accomplish the mission we created for ourselves.  There will be no more fence sitting, no more dabbling.  It is TIME to move in to a higher place.  And in order to do that, the old world we once lived in must fall away to make room for the new energies, people and opportunities which await us.  There is much to be excited about, hopeful for, desirous of - but first we have to be willing to release the old paradigms that no longer serve us. 

In my book on the power of prayer and intention, "TheSource of Miracles," I have section which I audaciously refer to as THE SECRET OF LIFE.  But I did not mean it to be cheeky. I truly meant to reveal what I believe to be the secret of life.  And here it is, because it is the time of year to really stop and contemplate this:

"You made a promise to God to carry out a specific set of duties and to accomplish a predetermined mission during your life on earth. How and if you do that is up to your free will, but your understanding and fulfillment of that promise and mission is the key factor in determining your happiness. fulfillment and abundance."

Go back and re-read that as many times as you need to, because it is this understanding  that will transform you more than anything else.  You are special, you are unique.  You chose to come here to do something that only you can do.  Now... what is it?

This is the season of knowing, of gaining clarity, of hearing the voice of the Divine speak to you in soft but determine whispers.  Listen to what it tells you, hear what you tell yourself.

As for me, the voice tells me to expand my vision, to work harder on creating more immediately accessible content for my readers who are ready to go to the next level.  And this is what I am working on now.  So stay tuned for the last newsletter of the year, where I will have some exciting announcements for 2014.  


  1. Is there a scriptural reference to the conversation between our spirits and God regarding our promise and decision to be born to earth? I find this to be fascinating and it makes sense. I am just wondering why I had not read this before in the Bible. Thanks so much and we are ready for your next book.
    Be gentle with yourself as you mourn your husband.

  2. Hi Kathleen, I didn't know a proper way to connect with you, so I apologize for using your comment area. But I had a very powerful dream and shared it with my faith group on Wed. One of the women has read your books and told me about you. Your situation really parallels to mine and I would love connect somehow. If you feel called, please email me at kat@upliftingreflections.com with the best way to send you my msg. Thank you.